Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Monitoring of surface solar irradiance

The EC-funded project MESoR (Management and Exploitation of Solar Resource Knowledge, 2007-2009, FP6-038665) aimed at providing the solar energy industry, the electricity sector, governments, and renewable energy organizations and institutions with the most suitable and accurate information of the solar radiation resources at the Earth's surface in easily-accessible formats and understandable quality metrics. The MESoR project portal serves as a broker to solar resource information and services. It includes historic data sets and currently derived data products using satellite imagery and other means.

The MESoR portal is currently acting as a showcase within the GEOSS Architecture and Data Committee.

A copy of the MESoR portal is also acting as the portal of the International Energy Agency (IEA) Solar Heating and Cooling (SHC) program, Task 36 on Solar Resource Knowledge Management.

Within MACC the HelioClim 3 and the SOLEMI databases are further elaborated and prepared for future operations within the Copernicus environment.

Latest Monitoring Result and HELIOCLIM-3 Archived Data


Long-term archive SOLEMI

  • Data access: 1 year of data is available at the SOLEMI database; further data is available on request


Documentation for the web services is provided on the MESOR portal.

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