Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Reanalysis of Global Atmospheric Composition

MACC-II provides a reanalysis of global atmospheric composition for the period 2003 - 2011. The reanalysis production was started in March 2010 and plots and data products are published on this page. MACC also extended the reanalysis of the preceding GEMS project to cover the period from January 2003 until April 2009.

Reanalysis Plots

MACC reanalysis
GEMS reanalysis
MACC Reanalysis
GEMS Reanalysis

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Data Archive

There are public data servers for the MACC Reanalysis and the GEMS Reanalysis.

Validation Reports

The latest reanalysis validation report is from July 2013. This document is updated regularly:


The quality of the global reanalysis service is routinely monitored. Independent observations are used to detect problems early on and also to provide a first indication of the accuracy of the products to the users. The MACC global verification page provides access to the various verification and monitoring plots.


A brief description of the reanalysis production system can be found in the MACC Product Portfolio. More detailed information can be found in the log file.

Contact details

For more details about the MACC global reanalysis service, please contact the MACC team.