Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Monitoring and Forecasting of Global Atmospheric Composition

MACC monitors the composition of the atmosphere in near-real-time by assimilating observations of various meteorlogical variables as well as reactive gases and aerosols into its data assimilation system. The observations are thus used to constrain a computer model that describs the state of the atmosphere at any one moment.

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Ozone and Carbon Monoxide

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Analysis and forecast data archive

Validation Reports

The near-real-time system is being validated on a 3-monthly basis. The latest validation report is:


The quality of the global near-real-time monitoring and forecasting services is routinely monitored. Various independent observations are used to detect problems early on and also to provide a first indication of the accuracy of the products to the users. The MACC global verification page provides access to the various verification and monitoring plots.


A brief description of the near-real-time production system can be found in the MACC Product Portfolio.

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For more details about the MACC near-real-time monitoring and forecasting service, please contact the MACC team.