Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Global Atmospheric Composition

The Global Atmospheric Composition Service provides various products.


Monitoring and Forecasting of Global Atmospheric Composition

Daily analysis and 4-day forecast of global 3-dimensional ozone, carbon monoxide, and aerosol.


Reanalysis of Global Atmospheric Composition

Reanalysis of atmospheric composition for the period 2003 - 2010


Support for Scientific Observational Campaigns

Specific plots and special tracers to support scientific observational campaigns


Monitoring of Greenhouse Gases and Fluxes

Analyses of atmospheric CO2 and CH4 and their surface fluxes running 6 months behind real time.


Global Fire Emissions

Observations of Fire Radiative Power are used to estimate global fire emissions of carbon dioxide, methane, carbon monoxide, and aerosol.


Observed Aerosol Optical Depth and Aerosol Speciation Record

Aerosol parameters are retrieved from a combination of simultaneous AATSR and SCIAMACHY measurements.


Total Ozone Record

Assimilated total ozone column based on TOMS, GOME, SCIAMACHY, OMI and GOME-2


NO2 Measurements Made by OMI

These tropospheric NO2 columns are derived from satellite observations based on slant column NO2 retrievals with the DOAS technique, and the KNMI combined modelling/retrieval/assimilation approach.