Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
General Assembly, Reading, 11-15 Jan 2010

Plenary Session

Project overview Adrian Simmons 6.2 MB
In-situ data acquisition (D-INSITU) Leonor Tarrason 2.3 MB
Satellite Data Acquisition and Aerosol Retrieval (D-SAT) Adrian Simmons, Martin Suttie 4.3 MB
The MACC D-EMIS activity Claire Granier 943.10 KB
Anthropogenic emisison data for Europe Hugo Denier van der Gon 9.2 MB
MACC Fire Emission Analysis Johannes Kaiser 4.10 MB
Global Greenhouse Gases (G-GHG) Frederic Chevallier 7.1 MB
Global Reactive Gases (G-RG) Martin Schultz 2.5 MB
Aerosol monitoring and forecasting (G-AER) Olivier Boucher 10.8 MB
Global Integrated Data Assimilation, Production and Services (G-IDAS) Richard Engelen 15.6 MB
European Environmental Data Assimilation (R-EDA) Hendrik Elbern 10.0 MB
European Air Quality Ensemble Analysis and Forecast System (R-ENS) Vincent-Henri Peuch 4.8 MB
Validated Assessements for Air Quality in Europe (R-EVA) Laurence Rouïl 3.10 MB
Introduction to the RAD Sub-project Marion Schroedter-Homscheidt 6.6 MB
Policy Applications (O-POL) Michael Gauss 2.10 MB
Outreach - Interface (O-INT) Thomas Holzer-Popp, Vincent-Henri Peuch, Alexander Baklanov, Emilio Cuevas, Josef Keder 7.4 MB

User Session

Open user session - Introduction Thomas Holzer-Popp 357.10 KB
PROMOTE Lessons learned Christian Nagl 1.5 MB
GSTEPS Overview Kevin P Wyche 4.5 MB
PASODOBLE Thilo Erbertseder 2.4 MB
EU air quality directives and their challenges in local regulation enforcement Sabine Wurzler 5.1 MB
EEA expectations and needs Anke Lükewille 235.2 KB
Expectations and needs of the German Federal Environment Agency Alfred Trukenmüller 842.5 KB
User Expectations for Urban/Regional AQ modelling in PASODOBLE Koen de Ridder, Peter Viaene, Suzanne Calabretta-Jongen, Wim Peelearts 2.2 MB
User Needs from UV Forecasting Gudrun Laschewski 2.1 MB
Application and needs of operational aerosol data for solar energy sector Tomáš Cebecauer 3.6 MB
Concluding remarks Len Barrie 635.1 KB