Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
D-SAT: Acquisition and pre-processing of satellite observations

The D-SAT sub-project acquires those near-real-time satellite data that are not already provided through the mechanisms established for numerical weather prediction. Data available only in delayed mode and reprocessed versions of data originally acquired in near-real-time are also acquired, for use in MACC’s delayed-mode and reanalysis production streams. Wherever possible D-SAT utilizes or builds on existing mechanisms to achieve its goals. Activities include the preprocessing needed to facilitate the subsequent use of the data in MACC. This involves, for example, the conversion of data to the standard code format in which data are fed into MACC's assimilation systems.

Production of aerosol datasets

D-SAT also includes the provision of some satellite aerosol data retrievals for which established standard products are not available from another source. Corresponding retrievals of some greenhouse-gas and reactive-gas data are carried out within the G-GHG and G-RG sub-projects respectively.

The work involves either development and implementation of new aerosol retrieval products or the continued provision and further improvement of existing products. It comprises contributions from four participants: