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The latest daily Fire Radiative Power (FRP) analysis from GFAS is available here

The catalogue of GFAS products archived in MARS is available here

GFAS versions



GFAS version 1.0

0.5 degree daily assimilated FRP, dry matter combustion rate and emissions available from 1/3/2000 to the current day with the experiment ffxr

NEW! Extension of GFAS v1.0 to 1/3/2000. From 1/3/2000 to 31/12/2002, GFASv1.0 FRP, dry matter burnt and biomass burning emissions are computed using only Terra observations, corrected to remove the global deviation as compared to the mean Aqua+Terra. Quality control is pixel-based for this period (see GFASv1.2). MODIS/Terra data was faulty from 6th to 17th of August 2000, from 15th of June to 2nd of July 2001 and from 21st to 29th of March 2002. For these days, persistence was used.

GFAS version 1.1

Upgrade of GFAS v1.0 towards the production of 0.1 degree resolution data.

0.1 degree daily assimilated FRP, dry matter combustion rate and emissions available from 1/1/2008 to the current day with the experiment fl6z

Known issues of fl6z  data :

  • No quality control. Two faulty MODIS granules were assimilated on 13th of February and 8th of December 2008
  • Grib encoding provoked some arbitrary truncation to 0 of some data : it can happen for example that TPM is 0 and PM2.5 is not.
  • All fires are shifted Northward for one grid cell (0.1 degree). This is also true of ffxr data (the shift is then of 0.5 degree)

The data from fl6z and ffxr was faulty from 10th to 27th of December 2013 and from 1st to 4th of February 2014. Both experiments have been reprocessed on 6th of February 2014 for these dates; the data is now of standard quality.

GFAS version 1.2

Available from 1/1/2014 to 30/9/2014 with the experiment fx5h. Available from 22/9/2014 to yesterday with the experiment g6ek. This version will feature the following upgrades :

  • Injection height daily data as provided by a Plume Rise Model
  • Pixel based quality control for MODIS/Aqua and Terra and SEVIRI observations
  • Statistical regression of the output when assimilating only Aqua or Terra observations so as to preserve consistency with data obtained assimilating Aqua and Terra observations
  • Solves the three issues of fl6z and ffxr listed above (quality control, grib encoding problem, northward shift)

Daily injection heights are available through the following products in grib table 210 :

  • 210055 - bottom of the plume rise model injection height
  • 210120 - altitude of plume top
  • 210119 - mean altitude of maximum injection
  • 210056 - injection height as computed following Sofiev's method

The data (FRP, dry matter burnt and biomass burning emissions) is stored using time-stamps. Time stamps are the following:

  •    1200 is the daily 0.1 degree assimilated GFAS products,
  •    1209 is the daily 0.5 degree assimilated GFAS products
  •    1201 is daily gridded Aqua FRP
  •    1202, daily gridded Terra FRP
  •    1203, daily gridded SEVIRI FRP
  •    1204, daily gridded GoesE FRP
  •    1205, daily gridded GoesW FRP

The gridded FRP products are also available hourly, ie, 131 is the gridded Aqua FRP from 1 to 2 UTC.