Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Change log for fbov

The MACC Reanalysis production run  (experiment fbov) was started on 2010-03-17 for the analysis cycle 20021201. The month of December 2002 was used a spin-up and will not be part of the official output of the Reanalysis. The first official cycle, 20030101, was started on 2010-03-24. Main features are:

  •  24 h long forecast at 00
  • IFS cycle 36R1
  • branch: stj_CY36R1_MACC_Reanalysis
  • model resolution T255L60; CTM resolution 1.125 degrees x 1.125 degrees, L60
  • Blacklist: ec:/stj/MACC/black_ds_maccrea_36r1, ec:/stj/MACC/black_mm_macc_reanalysis_CY36R1, and ec:/std/blacklist/black_ex_macc_nrt_36r1
  • analysis resolution T159/T95, using 12h 4D-Var and VarBC
  • time period 20030101 -20101231
  • monitoring plots in /gpfs/scratchrd/ecgems/fbov/obtime/obtime_Retrieved_Gases
  • obstat statistics plots in /ws/scratch/rd/ecgems/ps/
  • The MOZART CTM (MACC V9) differs in the following points from the version used in the GEMS reanalysis (EXPVER=f026):
    • Higher horizontal resolution
    • New anthropogenic and biogenic emissions: MACC D-EMIS (RETRO in GEMS)
    • New fire emissions: GFEDv3/FRP (GFEDv2 in GEMS)
    • Time resolution of fire emissions: daily (8-day in GEMS)
    • Online NOx lightning emissions are slightly reduced
    • Slightly different tracer initialization at the start of the reanalysis
  • Assimilated observations of atmospheric composition
    Instrument and Parameter Satellite Period
    MODIS-AOD TERRA, AQUA  20030101 onwards 
    SBUV/2 O3 NOAA-17 20030101 onwards
    SBUV/2 O3 NOAA-16 20040101 onwards
    SBUV/2 O3
    NOAA-18 20050604 onwards
    SBUV/2 O3 NOAA-19 20110101 onwards
    SCIAMACHY O3 Envisat 20030101 onwards
    GOME O3 ERS-2 20030101 - 20030531
    MIPAS O3 Envisat 20030127 - 20040326
    MLS O3 AURA  20040808 onwards
    OMI O3 AURA 20041001 onwards 
    MOPITT CO TERRA 20030101 onwards
    SCIAMACHY NO2 Envisat 20030101 onwards
    AIRS CO2 radiances AQUA 20030101 onwards
    IASI CO2 radiances METOP-A  
    SCIAMACHY CH4 Envisat 20030108 onwards
    IASI CO METOP-A 20080401 onwards
    Passive monitoring of observations of atmospheric composition
    Instrument and Parameter Satellite Period
    SCIAMACHY SO2 Envisat 20040104 onwards
    OMI SO2 AURA 20040817 onwards
    SCIAMACHY HCHO Envisat 20030101 onwards
    OMI HCHO AURA 20040827 onwards
    OMI NO2 AURA 20041001 onwards
    IASI CO METOP-A 20080315-20080331

    A list of  the G-RG data used in the reanalysis can be found here.

    Changes introduced during production affecting the quality of the products are:

    real date exp date description of change
    20100324 2003010512 Added apak@reo3_body and obs_ak_error@errstat to ODBCMP.ddl file
    20100324 2003010512 add archiving of 18 UTC mozart start file in archivectm
    20100513 2003102200 Bugfix for Mopitt averaging kernel
    20100519 2003112600 Include pressure level aerosol in archiving
    20100519 2003112600 Include archiving of SCIAMACHY CH4 retrieval error in ODB
    20100522 2003121200 Failed in first ifstraj because of MIPAS data. Removed MIPAS data and reran.
    20100524 2003121512 Failed in first ifstraj because of MIPAS data. Removed MIPAS data and reran.
    20100604 2004012800 Bug fix in MOPITT AK observation operator AD/TL
    20100712 2004082712 Found bug in CH4 background statistics, which gave unrealistic high increments around model level 8. Background statistics file corrected (ec:/stj/MACC/Wavelet/ and CH4  level 1 - 20 in short model forecast reset to values from experiment f68c.
    20100805 2005011800 MOZART-3 re-compilation with O. Stein's bugfix in the biomass burning emission routine.  The bug caused a shift in the date of the BB data by one day.
    20100915 2005062100 Changed Obstream from DA to DCDA (check impact on previous year!)
    20100927 20050081900 obstat_reo3 failed because of very high value in observation error of SCIAMACHY CO. Removed SCIAMACHY CO from fetchobs and reran cycle.
    20101004 2005092812 Thinning for SCIA GO3 and O3 and MOPITT CO increased to 1deg. Now all datasets are thinned consistently. Change in mklinks to get thin_macc file.
    20110202 2007060500 Introduce monitoring of IASI
    20110207 2007070400 Activate IASI
    20110217 2007082212 Problem with archiving of fbov to MARS. 12UTC and 18UTC have been temporarily stored elsewhere to enable continuation of experiment.
    20110221 2007091100 Change path for SCIA NO2 data, to pick up V1.1 from /oparch/gems/sciamachy/knmi_no2/1p1/tropo_col/bufr_ext.  From 30030101-20070630 v1.04 was used, but no data available for that version after 20070630.
    20110316 2008010100 Use OMI offline O3 data instead of NRT data. OMI O3 NRT data were used  from 2007032100-2007123118, but have larger departures and stdv of departures than the offline data used before 2007032100.
    20110317 2008010100 Turn off varbc for MLS GO3 and O3 to reduce drift in tropospheric ozone values. Change to NAMVARBC_TO3 in ifstraj and ifsmin.
    20110404 2008031500 Introduce IASI CO retrievals (with AKs) for passive montitoring. The plan is to use the data actively from 20080401 if they look ok. We will use varbc for IASI CO and MOPITT as anchor.
    20110422 2008061512 fetchobs got stuck because of bad ecfs file  with OMI HCHO data for 2008061518. Removed data for the cycle.
    20110426 2008070400 fetchobs got stuck because of bad ecfs file with SCIAMACHY HCHO data for 2008070406. Removed data for the 0z cycle.
    20110428 2008071112 Minimization failure in 2nd ifsmin and subsequent failure of final ifstraj because of IASI radiance data. Removed IASI data for this cycle and reran 12z analysis.
    20110503 20080800800 Changed IASI RTTOV file and used channel list to default from ECMWF operations, i.e., no variable CO2 and CH4. This will hopefully solve the minimization problem.
    20110518 2008102400 Important bug fix to input of RTTOV. It solves the spurious SO2 and HCHO increments, but will probably also affect the other tracers, most likely CO2 and CH4. Parallel experiment has been started to test this.
      2009010100 Change emissions from GFED to gfasv1.
    20110706 2009042600 Bug fix in grg_ak_op.F90 for IASI CO observation operator
    20111017 2010110900 Problem with super-obbing script in CY66R1; not compatible with more than 1 SSMIS instrument. LSSMIS set to FLASE to remove all SMMIS observations.
    20120430 20110101 Continue fbov for 2011.  GRG data changes:
    • SBUV/2 NOAA-19 added
    • Use of offline MLS O3 data
    • Use of NRT IASI CO data
    • New KNMI SCIAMACHY NO2 version: v2.0
    • New KNMI OMI NO2 version: domino v2
    • Passive monitoring of NO2 from GOME-2 (DLR)
    20120607 2011070700 Introduce SCIAMACHY CH4 v551 with 1.04 relative bias correction.
    20120608 20110314 MOPITT underwent routine calibration and decontimination and no data were available from 20110314-20110325





    MOPITT CO colums are systematically reduced after the calibration and decontamiation excercise.
    Explanation from the MOPITT team: When the MOPITT instrument was turned on again after the recent decontamination/hot cal, a broken heater for one of the molecular sieves suddenly came to life again.  This heater, which can be used to stabilize the pressure in one of MOPITT's LMCs, had stopped working in 2009.  We decided a few weeks ago that the heater should remain on, even though that results in a slight change to the working pressure of the LMC, and will require a minor revision to the MOPITT Level 1 and Level 2 processing code.  The retrieval bias which you observed  was the result of using processing code which did not account for the small change in the working pressure for the LMC (that resulted from turning on the sieve heater). 


    Blacklist changes:

    real date
    description of change
    20100317 20021201 Start with prepared blacklist
    20110404 2008031512 Change blacklist to blacklist IASI CO before 20080401. Ds blacklist file is now ec:/std/blacklist/black_ds_maccrea_36r1. Old blacklist backed up as ec:/std/blacklist/black_ds_maccrea_36r1_before_20080315.
    20110519 2008103012 Blacklist IASI CO data because their assimilation leads to lower CO columns and worse agreement with independent observations. Old blacklist backed up as ec:/std/blacklist/black_ds_maccrea_36r1_before_2008103012.
    20110613 1009010100 Reactivate IASI CO. Blacklist IASI CO polewards of 70 deg. Old blacklist backed up as ec:/std/blacklist/black_ds_maccrea_36r1_before_20090101.
    20120430 20110101 Update blacklist to include operational changes for 2011. Old blacklist backed up as black_ds_maccrea_36r1_before_20110101,