Monitoring atmospheric composition & climate
Product Portfolio

The atmospheric components of the Copernicus initiative in the period 2004-2009 comprised two large projects and a number of smaller support actions. The two large projects were GEMS and PROMOTE. The products offered by MACC's pilot core Copernicus Atmospheric Service in the period 2009-2011 have evolved from those developed in GEMS and from those provided by core PROMOTE service lines.

The functional architecture and data flow of MACC and a general summary of its products are presented in the diagram below. The shaded central panels indicate the main areas of activity of the project. Arrows denote the flows of data into the project, the main data and information flows internal to the project, and the flows of products out to downstream-service providers and end users.


The architecture, data flow and products of MACC

The global and regional processing elements provide both “primary” and “derived” products. Primary products are the direct outputs of the global and regional data assimilation and forecasting systems employed in MACC. Derived global and regional products are the results of further processing of the primary outputs. MACC also provides derived observational and emission products based on the satellite data retrievals and estimates of fire and other emissions that it generates primarily to meet the input needs of its global and regional processing systems. MACC does not provide a comprehensive general user service for the observational data it acquires, but does document the source of each dataset that it uses.